Back to Bones
Museum of Natural History and Science
Oct 17, 2018 through Oct 17, 2019

In advance of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology convention, NMMNHS plans to revisit its extensive collection with a new, Back to Bones exhibition, highlighting some of its most spectacular vertebrate fossils – the result of over 30 years of collecting efforts. The exhibit will be up for at least a year starting on or about Oct. 17th.


“Our museum has amassed some fantastic fossils over the last 30 years,” said Thomas A. Williamson, Paleontology Curator at NMMNHS and co-chair of the SVP convention. “Everything from 300-million-year-old fish and early reptiles, dinosaur skulls from near the end of the Age of Reptiles, to Ice Age mammals. The SVP convention affords us a chance to really show off some of our most prized specimens.”

For more information, contact Margie Marino

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