Native Couture II: Innovation and Style

Native American fashion design—mainstream acceptance

Aug 30, 2009 through Feb 21, 2010

Native Couture II: Innovation and Style opens at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture on Sunday, August 30, 2009. This exhibition explores the history of Native fashion from hand-made clothing and accessories of the 1880s that influenced the development of a Santa Fe Style, to today’s contemporary Native couturiers. At its root, Indian art is the quintessential original American art. This centuries-long influence of Native American art requires the buyer, or wearer, and the American public in general to ponder the origins of a truly unique American style.

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Collection 2

Inlay Bracelet

Pueblo Chanel

Corn Stalk Bracelet

Collection 3

Butterflies in Motion Cape


Beaded High Tops

Wells 13

Schaaf 19 Peshlakai


Wells 9

Native Couture II captions

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