Imagining Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to Colonial New Spain

Exploring various views of the Mexican Conquest

Oct 1, 2010 through Jan 23, 2011

In 1519, Hernán Cortés and a small group of Spanish soldiers made first contact with the Aztecs. The stories they sent back to Europe detailing the wealth and sophistication of the Aztec empire astonished their countrymen – and fed 300 years of efforts to write and re-write the story of the Mexican Conquest.

From Oct. 1 through Jan. 23, 2011, the History Museum’s Triangle Gallery will present Imagining Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to Colonial New Spain, an original exhibit featuring books, prints and maps from the Fray Angélico Chávez History Library’s John Bourne Collection of Meso-Americana, the Rare Books Collection, and the Map Collection. Created mainly for people who would never cross the Atlantic but live their adventures vicariously, the works formed perceptions – fictitious at times – of the land of Cortés, Moctezuma, amazing temples and important battles.

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Tenochtitlan scene

Tlaxcala scene

Historia de Nueva España

Habsburg Coat of Arms

Cortés received by Moctezuma II

Aztec Calendar Stone

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