New Mexico Museum of Art

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo,


William Penhallow Henderson "Holy Week in New Mexico"

19-NMHM-Railroads-Railroad depot Engle NM

3-MOA-Vladem Contemporary rendering

Iris , 1935

The Flaming One, 1964

Points Connecting #22

Points Connecting #27

Sounds Like a Chord

Yabane Daidai, 2016

Points Connecting #28


The Blest

Fires in Space


The Ray Serene



Mother of Silence

Art Museum circa 1920

Museum of Art Family Fun Day 3

Museum of Art Family Fun Day2

Museum of Art Family Fun Day

Museum of Art Family Fun Day

At The Edge of the Green Woods

Untitled, 2019

Deafened by Pinwheel, 2016

An Imperfect Union (collapsing intersection)

Lucy Lippard with Glasses and Notes

Seed 27 Traces 4

Symbiosis I, Symbiosis II, Traces II, Traces I, Traces III

Mother Daughter

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