Peruvian Printmakers Collaborate with Local Artists to Create Mural at Museum

Celebrating Street Art & Activism in Santa Fe and Lima, Peru

2-MOIFA- Insista en Construir desde el Amor English Title: Insist on Building from Love

2-MOIFA Fernando Castro and Carol Fernandez

2-MOIFA-Screen printing workshop of Amapolay

2-MOIFA-Spanish Title: 520 Años de Resistencias English Title: 520 Years of Resistance

2-MOIFA-Quechua Title: Supaypa Wawan English Title: Devil Child

2-MOIFA -Spanish Title: Somos Raiz English Title: We are Roots

2-MOIFA -- AMP Logo

2-MOIFA-Railyard Logo

2-MOIFA- La Chamba

2-MOIFA0a Chamba

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