Wild Animals I Have Known

From the exhibition:
Wild at Heart: Ernest Thompson Seton

New Mexico History Museum

Classics Illustrated’s publication of Seton’s Wild Animals I Have Known is dated September 1959, No. 152, copyright by Gilberton Company Inc., NY Collection. Photo courtesy of the Academy for the Love of Learning.

Published in 1898, this first and most acclaimed of Seton’s many books of animal stories (including Lobo's) has never been out of print, and has been published in a dozen languages. Rudyard Kipling wrote to Seton that the idea for the Jungle Books came from Wild Animals I Have Known. In the foreword to the catalog accompanying Wild at Heart: Ernest Thompson Seton, Sir David Attenborough recounts receiving a copy of the book at the age of 8: “I still have it. It was the most precious book of my childhood.”

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