Historia de Nueva España

From the exhibition:
Imagining Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to Colonial New Spain

New Mexico History Museum

Historia de Nueva España, Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, 1769.
Interest in Mexico’s Pre-Columbian past increased in the later 18th century, when Enlightenment ideas and curiosity about ancient civilizations spread through Europe and the Americas.  A map of New Spain accompanied Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana’s work on the life of Cortés and the Conquest of Mexico. In addition to showing the travels of Cortés in New Spain, the map was among the first to use both California and Texas to identify the far Northern provinces.
Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, Historia de Nueva-España. Mexico City: Joseph Antonio de Hogal, City, 1770.  Fray Angélico Chávez History Library NMHM, John Bourne Collection 972 C828h

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