Habsburg Coat of Arms

From the exhibition:
Imagining Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to Colonial New Spain

New Mexico History Museum

Habsburg Coat of Arms and Title page, Engravings, 1701 (Marcus Orozco, active c. 1700).
Yucatan was conquered in 1542, but parts of the Maya region remained in native hands until the end of the 17th century. Villagutierre y Sotomayor’s account of the Maya kingdom of Itza in northern Guatemala in 1697 was the first work that dealt solely with the Maya of Yucatan.
The engraving shows the crest of the Hapsburg family, who ruled Spain for three hundred years beginning in the early sixteenth century.
Juan Villagutierre y Sotomayor, Historia de la Conquista de la Provincia de el Itza. Madrid: Lucas Antonio de Bedmar y Narvaez, 1701. Fray Angélico Chávez History Library NMHM, Rare Book Room 972 Vil

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