The Great Unknown: Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell

Mar 30, 2019 through Sep 15, 2019

The Colorado River is a critical source of life in the arid canyons of northern Arizona and southern Utah. Generations of people from near and far have been inspired by its beauty and power. The Great Unknown : Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell uses photographs, paintings and writings to tell the stories of several groups of like-minded people who made repeated visits to the area known as Glen Canyon on the Colorado, Glen Canyon Dam and the resultant Lake Powell. Beginning with pieces by some of the early Native inhabitants of the region, the show then briefly touches on images related to European and then Anglo American exploration of the Colorado River. Moving into the twentieth century, the show focuses on groups of artist travelers who visited Glen Canyon repeatedly before the Glen Canyon Dam was built in 1963.

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3-MOA-Mark Klett, Bryon Wolfe and Rebecca Solnit, First Camp ,

MacGregor Lake Powell

Drowned River

Stupich Dam and Bridge

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