Contemporary Blue Mate Serving Set

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New World Cuisine: The Histories of Chocolate, Mate y Más

Contemporary Blue Mate Serving Set

This multi-piece mate set in electric blue is an example of contemporary Argentinian craftsmanship. Brightly hued, anodized aluminum sets like this one are popular items in design stores throughout Buenos Aires and are similar to British and North American tea services. Mate sets have a yerbera, or herb container, with a compartment for the yerba mate and another for sugar; a bombilla, which is both a straw and strainer for sipping mate; cups; a kettle; oftentimes a thermos for hot water; and a tray to hold all the pieces.


How to enjoy mate can be personal, regional, and seasonal. Traditionalists prefer their mate unsweetened, unflavored, and from a well-seasoned gourd, believing contemporary metal sets alter the taste. In mountainous regions of Argentina, however, such herbs as mint are added. In northeastern Argentina, southern Paraguay, and southern Brazil, mate must be made with hot, but never boiling, water … unless it’s summer. When it’s hot outside the traditional drink is replaced by a cold, refreshing mate called tereré that is infused with citrus juice or rinds.


Photo by Kitty Leaken



Credit: Photo Kitty Leaken

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