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New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History

New Mexico Museum of Art

January 29, 2014


Artists as diverse as E. Irving Couse, Joseph Henry Sharp, T.C. Cannon, Agnes Martin, Maria Martinez and Georgia O’Keeffe share the museum’s Clarke Gallery for New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History. This exhibition, culled from the New Mexico Museum of Art’s collection, tells the many stories which make up New Mexico through the eyes of some of this state’s most respected artists. The exhibition opens at the New Mexico Museum of Art on February 1, 2014.

Great artwork has the power to capture beauty, to inspire, to persuade, and to communicate memory and experience. The diversity of artistic expression in New Mexico reflects our specific cultural history and reflects evolving aesthetics and changing cultural perspectives over time. Artists who arrived in New Mexico in the late 18th and early 19th centuries thought of themselves as pioneers and witnesses to history. Late 20th and 21st century artist are pioneers of a different sort, attracted to New Mexico, its spectacular light, and a landscape that invites abstraction.

Art connects us to our past and transforms the way we look at our world today and our future. Through the work of artists we learn about significant events, historical eras, and achievements in New Mexico and American history.

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