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Edgar L. Hewett’s Archaeological Legacy

December 30, 2008

Eric Blinman

Santa Fe, NM—The Friends of Archaeology are sponsoring a series of five lectures on Fridays, January 9 through February 6, 2009 at 5: 30 p.m. as their contribution to the Museum of New Mexico’s 100th. They will take place at the New Mexico Film Museum Theater, 418 Montezuma Street, Santa Fe (the old Jean Cocteau Cinema).

Admission for FOA members: $12 per lecture, $50 for the series. For non-FOA members: $15 per lecture, $60 for the series

For advance reservations, please call the FOA Hotline at 505-992-2715, ext. 8

Archaeology was central to the founding of the Museum of New Mexico in 1909. Edgar Lee Hewett had been pursuing his interest in archaeology for more than a decade, first through New Mexico Normal University in Las Vegas in 1893 and then in Santa Fe through the School for American Archaeology in 1907. When the Museum of New Mexico was founded in 1909, it was envisioned as a state-supported education and outreach base for Hewett’s archaeological explorations. The founding of the Museum established an institutional presence for archaeology in the Palace of Governors and for the century to follow as part of the enlarging Museum of New Mexico.

Hewett’s impact on archaeology was considerable, through institutions, laws, and public awareness, as well as through excavation and interpretation. This 100th Anniversary lecture series highlights Hewett’s contributions in New Mexico, in North America, and to the growth of the discipline as a whole.

January 9, 2009, Michael Stevenson, Ph.D., Museum of New Mexico Board of Regents – Edgar Lee Hewett: Allies, Rivals, and Institutions

January 16, 2009, James Snead, Ph.D., George Mason University – Winds of a Thousand Years: Edgar Lee Hewett and the Ancient Southwest

January 23, 2009, Eric Blinman, Ph.D., Director, Office of Archaeological Studies – Beyond New Mexico: Hewett’s Outreach to the Continent

January 30, 2009, H. Wolcott Toll, III, Ph.D., Project Director, Office of Archaeological Studies – Hewett’s Chaco Legacy

February 6, 2009, Tim Maxwell, Ph.D., Director Emeritus, Office of Archaeological Studies  – Rivalry and Convergence: The Laboratory of Anthropology and Museum Archaeology in Santa Fe


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