New Mexico History Museum

The Tales that Made the American West

April 07, 2009


As its grand opening nears, the New Mexico History Museum sets a plan for telling you what you’ll find inside

SANTA FE – After more than 20 years of preparing for the New Mexico History Museum, we hope you can understand our excitement. Recently, we jumped the gun on letting at least some of you know about the stories we’ll be telling upon our grand opening May 24. We’re still opening, but want to make sure everyone gets the word.

In coming weeks, we’ll be sending out a series of media releases that detail stories we’ll be telling within our 96,000 square feet. They’re part of a series we call Telling New Mexico: Stories from Then and Now. We want you to use them as-is or as jumping-off points for your own coverage of the Museum, the state’s first comprehensive effort to tell the stories of more than 400 years of interactions among cultures. We’ll do so with artifacts long held in storage, archival photographs, maps, paintings and wiz-bang interactive exhibits. Across the centuries, we’ve charted victories and tragedies, accomplishments and accommodations, colored by the legacies of indigenous Native American peoples, Spanish explorers, cowboys, outlaws, railroad workers, painters, writers, scientists and more.

We want these releases to tell many stories of what happened in every corner of our state, about outlaws and heroes, explorers and artists – the people and the events that made history not only in New Mexico but in the American West.

We regret any confusion we’ve caused with our earlier media releases. We believe that these rich and exciting stories are ones your readers, listeners and viewers want to know. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to help us tell them, as we send out releases, we’ll include updated Web links to what’s been sent (our list is growing!) and include photographs that you can use. We’ll also help you track down additional information to better serve our future Museum visitors.

We appreciate your patience – hey, after 20 years, we’ve learned the art of waiting, too! Look for the Telling New Mexico series in coming days. The wait will be worth it.

For more information about the New Mexico History Museum, including a selection of user-ready high-resolution photographs, log onto More than 8,000 additional, high-resolution photographs illustrating the history of New Mexico are available by keyword search at (click on “Digitized Collections”). Most requests for scans from this site can be delivered the same day, and usage is free for publicity purposes only.

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