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The Bisti Beast Meets Godzilla

June 07, 2019


(Albuquerque, New Mexico) -- New Mexico’s Bisti Beast will be welcomed home with Japanese performances and food at a celebration June 22 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science. The museum’s newest attraction, the Bisti Beast is a robotic dinosaur based on the skull found in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. The robotic dinosaur was made in Japan and is a permanent exhibit at the museum. (*see below for media resources)

“The Bistihieversor is actually unique to New Mexico. The realism of the dinosaur will really make it come to life for people,” said David Lundy, exhibit curator at the museum.

The evening of the event, the museum will screen the film Godzilla Vs. Mothra in the Dynatheater. In the 1992 film, Battra and Mothra must stop Godzilla from attacking Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan. Admission to the film is $5. Food will be available for purchase the night of the event.

The museum will be open to the public for free with Japanese entertainment included. The Japanese drumming group New Mexico Taiko Group will perform. The New Mexico Taiko group was founded in 1981 through the New Mexico Japanese American Citizens league. The group continues to preserve the cultural tradition of Japanese drumming. Members wear the traditional kimono attire and perform choreographed drumming.

The celebration will also include martial arts performances. There will be Japanese origami, handmade crafts and books for sale as well.


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(included interviews) David Lundy, Curator of Exhibits

Dr. Thomas Williamson, Curator of Paleontology

Megumi Katabira, Manager Kokoro Company


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