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Feb 25, 2018
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Talk at the Museum by Christian Heinsen
Accomplished work in rural communities of Northern Chile in the Altiplano

New Mexico History Museum

In late 1990, a group of young students (of which Cristian was one) met the Andean world through Amador Soto, a missionary who served humble Aymara communities in the valleys, Andean foothills and highlands of Arica and Parinacota. These fortuitous meetings led to the idea for partnering with small, isolated communities to preserve the heritage and ancestral dignity bequeathed by their ancestors. The fundamental purpose of the Fundación is to achieve a happier and more sustainable world through preservation of the culture of rural Andean communities.

The Fundación’s works is based on a Heritage and Sustainable Development Model, which integrates the following initiatives: 

  • Heritage Conservation

  • Heritage Learning (training workshops)

  • Patrimonial Communication

  • Creation of Shared Values, through productive initiatives with communities 


Cornerstones, co-sponsoring this talk with the New Mexico History Museum, has much the same mission goals for our rural, underserved communities in New Mexico and has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the Fundación since 2010. These rural mountain communities mirror the Spanish Colonial settlements of Northern New Mexico. They’re built of adobe and are centered around the church which is the core of the community.

Cristian, who was trained as a film maker, joined with his wife, Magdalena, in the 1990s to found Fundación and has been learning on the job since those formative days. He has a degree in literature, a master’s in documentary films, and a master’s in business.

An informal reception will follow the talk. 


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