FLAMENCO: From Spain to New Mexico
In the Hispanic Heritage Wing

Museum of International Folk Art
Nov 22, 2015 through Sep 10, 2017

FLAMENCO: From Spain to New Mexico

Known as a folkloric art form that began among the Gypsy people of southern Spain, this exhibition traces Flamenco to its arrival in the U.S. and its rise as an international art form now enjoyed by millions. The exhibition features costumes, play bills, instruments, and paintings, complemented by lectures, workshops and performances.  Tracing flamenco’s journey from fifteenth and sixteenth century Spain to twentieth century Europe’s most cultured cities will be costumes both historic and contemporary, musical instruments, costume and set design sketches, playbills, sheet music, posters, and more. These objects chronicle flamenco’s evolution from rural, folkloric tradition to elaborate staged productions incorporating extravagantly costumed dancers accompanied by virtuoso guitarists. The objects also trace flamenco’s transition to recording studios and the silver screen permitting it to gain a massive popular audience. Handed down from generation to generation, between family and community members living at society’s edges, flamenco incorporates historic dance and music traditions from Roman times to the Arabic period. Flamenco expresses a way of life shaped by a multitude of cultural and regional influences such as the Gitanos (Romany people) of Spain and Andalusian regional customs. In 2010, UNESCO declared flamenco a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This exhibition also examines Spain’s ferias and fiestas their introduction to the southwestern US, and the individuals who contributed to making flamenco a popular art form in this country. And as the exhibition title suggests, flamenco’s integration into New Mexico’s culture will be examined.  This exhibition is the first ever to show the history and development of flamenco and its treasured role within the cultural milieu of New Mexico. The exhibition is accompanied by the book, The Spirit of Flamenco: From Spain to New Mexico, by Nicolasa Chávez (Museum of New Mexico Press, Jacketed hardbound $39.95 ISBN:978-0-89013-608-9, 192 pages, 86 color and 54 black-and-white photographs).


Read a personal story of growing up with Flamenco in New Mexico: 


Read about the exhibition and Flamenco’s rich history in New Mexico:


Enjoy an interview with Santa Fe guitarist Miguel Romero remembering Flamenco’s early days in Santa Fe: https://www.elpalacio.org/2016/03/miguel-romero/

Read about the origins and history of Flamenco cante (the song): 




For Educators - Download lesson plans for grades k - 12:

English- http://www.internationalfolkart.org/learn/lesson-plans/flamenco,-castanets.html

Spanish- http://www.internationalfolkart.org/learn/lesson-plans/flamenco,-castañuelas.html

For more information, contact Nicolasa Chavez at 505 476-1219 or nicolasa.chavez@state.nm.us

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Costume sketch
Program for Carmen Amaya performance
Child’s Feria Dress
Feria Goers
Roberto Quijandría dressing Dorado de Domeq in the traditional horse gear for carriage. Horse gear by Vicente Rodríguez Robles, Sevilla, Spain
Contemporary Feria Dress with Mantoncito (Small Shawl),
Accoutrements for feria ensemble
Alexina García Chávez rides side saddle on top of Poesía in the manner of the feria de abril (April Fair).
Peine (hair comb)
Mantón de Manila (Manila Shawl) and Peine (Hair comb)
Fiesta Dress made from silk shawl
Dancer Betty Serna Cárdenas performing for the USO
Program for El Nido’s “Patio Flamenco”,
Feria Dress

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