Space Next 3D
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Nov 6, 2017 through Dec 10, 2017

The journey to reach the stars began with our earliest dreams of flying and led to landing on the moon and sending a probe to Pluto. But that’s only the beginning.  The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Dyna Theater’s current film, Space Next 3D offers a stunning glimpse into yesterday’s accomplishments, today’s science and tomorrow’s possibilities of what is to come by way of private space developments and national space programs

 Space Next 3D is shown daily in the DynaTheater at 1:00PM & 4:00PM. Tickets to the DynaTheater are in addition to Museum admission.  Adults (13-59) $7, Seniors (60+) $6, Children (3-12) $5.

Afterglow Studios worked with leading scientists and consultants from NASA and other institutions to create the visuals and story of Space Next. The film presents actual possibilities of what lies in the future of space development and exploration. The attention to detail of the visual effects are perfect for this topic on the Giant Screen.

For more information, contact Mary Ann Hatchitt at 505-681-4014 or

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