Back to Bones
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Oct 17, 2018 through Oct 17, 2019

In advance of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology convention, NMMNHS plans to revisit its extensive collection with a new, Back to Bones exhibition, highlighting some of its most spectacular vertebrate fossils – the result of over 30 years of collecting efforts. The exhibit will be up for at least a year starting on or about Oct. 17th.


“Our museum has amassed some fantastic fossils over the last 30 years,” said Thomas A. Williamson, Paleontology Curator at NMMNHS and co-chair of the SVP convention. “Everything from 300-million-year-old fish and early reptiles, dinosaur skulls from near the end of the Age of Reptiles, to Ice Age mammals. The SVP convention affords us a chance to really show off some of our most prized specimens.”

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