Empowering Women:
Artisan Cooperatives That Transform Communities

Museum of International Folk Art
Jul 4, 2010 through May 8, 2011

Empowering Women:

Inaugural exhibition opening the Gallery of Conscience, guest curated by Dr. Suzanne K. Seriff, Chair of the International Folk Art Market’s Artist Selection Committee. Dr. Marsha Bol, Director Emeritus of the Museum of International Folk Art explained the concept of the gallery of conscience "As the largest folk art museum in the world, there is a responsibility to create a forum to discuss current issues that folk artists are facing around the world. This Gallery of Conscience is devoted to the examination of issues that threaten the survival of the traditional arts, bringing them to the attention of our visitors." All of the cooperatives featured in the exhibit had artist booths at the 2010 International Folk Art Market| Santa Fe. Exhibition highlights included weaving, beadwork, painting, baskets, embroidery and other traditional folk arts from Bolivia, Rwanda, Peru, Swaziland, India, Kenya, Laos, South Africa, Morocco and Nepal.  The exhibition closed in Santa Fe May 8, 2011  and then began to travel through Guest Curator

For more information, contact Felicia Katz-Harris at 505-476-1221 or felicia.katz-harris@state.nm.us

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