Toys and Games: A New Mexico Childhood

May 25, 2014 through May 31, 2015

Museums often focus on how we worked, how we fought, the businesses we built, and the challenges we overcame – the adult side of life. But before we became hard workers, everyone was a child, and every child shaped his or her play-world with toys. From the homemade or passed down to those bought new, toys deeply impact how we fill our childhood worlds. The History Museum collections contain a range of examples of how we played, and in observance of our fifth anniversary, we’ll display some of the most exquisite pieces in an installation in our front window. Toys and Games: A New Mexico Childhood invites visitors to travel down memory lane while also introducing today’s children to the delights of childhood past.

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Stuffed elephant



Mechanical toys

Metal toys

Metal toys

Tops and marbles


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