Nov 17, 2013 through Jan 5, 2015

A fascinating of unique and vibrant folk traditions were presented in BRASIL & ARTE POPULAR, the exhibition opened Sunday, November 17, 2013 and closed January 5, 2015.

This show featured over 300 pieces from the museum’s rich Brazilian collection: woodblock prints, colorful ceramic and wood folk sculptures, toys and puppets, religious art, festival costumes, and more.

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The Quarrel of the Blind Man Aderaldo with Zé Pretinho

Bumba-Meu-Boi - Captain

A Pasestra Das 3 Donzelas (The Chat of the 3 Young Women)

Family Escaping the Drought (Retirantes)

O Homem Gosta de Mulher e Mulher Gosta de Dinheiro (The Man Likes the Woman, The Woman Likes Money)

Carro de Boi (Ox Cart)

O Criador de Porco (The Pig Farmer)

Push Toy with Puppets

Debates de Guerra Entre Buxe e Sadam Russem (Debates of War Between Bush and Saddam Hussein)

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