Triumph TR8 in MIAC lobby

Oct 27, 2013 through Dec 30, 2013

A 1974 Triumph TRB decorated by Hopi Tewa artist Dan Namingha and nine other Native American artists is parked in the lobby of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC), a symbol of a broadened approach by the museum to create partnerships with other area institutions that share a mission in honoring and perpetuating Native art and education.

Just as 10 artists collaborated to turn the car into an art piece, now MIAC is collaborating with the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) to ensure Native American students are prepared to fill positions at museums that reflect their peoples’ art and culture.

Gift of Elizabeth Sackler and on view in MIAC lobby.

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Backing TR8 into MIAC

Triumph TR8 Enters MIAC

Dr. Sackler handing car keys over to Della Warrior

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