The Land that Enchants Me So: Picturing Popular Songs of New Mexico

Mar 2, 2018 through Sep 29, 2019

Before radio and television, when making music at home was the evening’s entertainment and playing the piano was considered an essential talent among the middle class, sheet music was the music consumer’s gateway to the world.”  The New Mexico History Museum celebrates this era with sheet music of popular songs about the State of New Mexico, dating from the mid-19th through the mid-20th centuries, in the new exhibition The Land That Enchants Me So. The show spotlights graphically striking sheet-music covers published from 1840s through about 1960, along with other printed materials, sound recordings, and memorabilia relating to New Mexico and its musical life. 

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Elizabeth Garrett, composer of New Mexico state song, O, Fair New Mexico. Ca. 1915 Photo Archives 050627

Elizabeth Garrett and her seeing-eye dog. Date unknown. Photo Archives 057207

“O, Fair New Mexico” (record and recording)

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