The Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery

Mar 4, 2021

The Buchsbaum Gallery features each of the Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona in a selection of pieces that represent the development of a community tradition. In addition, a changing area of the gallery, entitled Traditions Today highlights the evolving contemporary traditions of the ancient art of pottery making.

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Polychrome Owl Figurine, 1900

Polychrome Fish figurine, 1945

Polychrome Jar, 1890

Micaceous Jar w/lid, 1958

Polychrome Jar, 1940

Blackware Jar w/lid, 1984

Polychrome Jar, 1977

Redware Wedding Vase, 1950

Polychrome Jar, 1990

Micaceous Bean Pot, 1956

Polychrome Jar, 1870

Polychrome Jar, 1974

Scraffito bowl, 1996

Polychrome Jar, 1870

Storyteller Figurine, 1970

Polychrome Jar, 1910

Polychrome Pitcher, 1940

Buchsbaum Collection Captions

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