Here, Now and Always: A Final Look

with Dr. Bruce Bernstein and Lillie Lane

Jan 26, 2020

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the popular permanent exhibition "Here, Now and Always" one last time before it closes for a $5M makeover on January 26.


A panel discussion led by Dr. Bruce Bernstein (former MIAC director), and Lillie Lane (Diné) - as well as Native co-curators of the original exhibit will be held at 2pm, with final tours of the exhibition offered at 10:30am, 11:30am, and 12:30pm.


This is your last chance to see HNA until June 2021, so stop by and enjoy our celebration of the ground-breaking exhibit.


Admission to MIAC will be reduced accordingly during HNA’s closure.

More ...

Figurine, ca. 2000

Jar, ca. 1910 (rear)

Necklace, c. 1930-1940

Canteen, ca. 1910

Jar, ca. 1910 (front)


Water Girls

Basketry Sandal



Tobacco flask, ca. 1935-1940

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