Looking Back

Reflecting on Collections

Mar 8, 2020 through Oct 17, 2021

How does a museum acquire its collections? Are they purchased or donated? Where is everything stored, and how are things maintained? Why does the New Mexico History Museum have objects and photographs from faraway places? Looking Back: Reflecting on Collections explores these questions and many more as we delve into our museum’s collecting history since the late 19th century.

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19-NMHM-Penny Farthing- Looking Back

19-NMHM-High top Jicarilla Apache moccasins -Looking Back

19-NMHM-San Cristobal - Looking Back

19-NMHM-José Manuel Benavides (Santo Niño Santero) Nuestra Señora de los Lagos -Looking Back

19-NMHM-Chuza gaming wheel -Looking Back

19-NMHM- Members of the Santa Fe Fire Department - Looking Back

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