Comancheria: An Ever-Moving Culture at Museum of Indian Arts & Culture October 21

Indians, design for a decorative mural panel, 1933. Watercolor, 6 X 13. El Paso Museum of Art

COMANCHES, mural, 1942. Oil on canvas, 5’ X 13’17”. Post Office, Seymour, Texas

Kachinas from Palulukonti, color sketch for an overmantel, 1927. Casein tempera, 18 X 10. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lea, Houston.

Pass of the North - Apache Detail 6, Courtesy, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

Sitting Bull, 1989. Oil on canvas, 62 x 27. Collection of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin.

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