Fractured Faiths: Spanish Judaism, The Inquisition and New World Identities Symposium

Register of blasphemers

Tiles from El Tránsito

Sephardic Torah Scroll

Stucco fragment for El Tránsito

Locket with Inquisition emblem

Libro Verde de Aragón

Letter of nobility granted to Juan Berdugo

Letter of nobility granted to Juan Berdugo

David and the Priest Ahimelech

Decree of Expulsion of the Jews

The Five Commandments in Hebrew Letters

Carvajal Family Inquisition records

A Hearing Before the Inquisition

Painting with the Inquisition Emblem

Ejecutoria de hidalguia


Purim Grogger

Purim Grogger

Purim Grogger

Jar with Four Handles

Hanukkah Lamp


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