Crafting Memory: The Art of Community Peru — Places of Memory Featured Artists Tell Stories of Those Who Disappeared

Rosalia Tineo, Tortura de mi Papa/My Father’s Torture

Disappeared 1-2 Photos collage of some of the people who were disappeared from Ayacucho, Peru. Photographer: unknown, Courtesy of the National Association of the Families of the Disappeared of Peru

Enceuentro de Conciencias/ Clash of Consciences” by Wari Zarate; 2017; canvas, fabric, paint, wood, potato flour, plaster. Showing the conflict between the Shining Path (red skeleton) and the Peruvian Armed Forces (green skeleton) and the plight of the pe

Rosalia Tineo and artwork “Tortura de mi Papa/My Father’s Torture” (Museum of international Folk Art). Photographer: Amy Groleau Courtesy: IFAF Collection, Museum of International Folk Art

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