Museum of International Folk Art

Folk Art Flea

Folk Art Flea

Folk Art Flea

Folk Art Flea

BoBo bu Ko


Carved birds

Carved Wood Chess Set

Arment Zodwa Sybia Basket

Faith on Lopez Lane by Ivan Barnett

Romeo and Juliet

Black Eyed Susan

The Redwing Blackbird Wrangler

Craft in America filming

Chilkat Protector masks

Kaxhatjaa X’óow/Herring Protectors

Fancy parka (Iñupiaq)

 Ceremonial seal gut parka (St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Folk Art Flea

Yellow Skull Mask



New Deputy Director at Museum of International Folk Art

Wonders on Wheels Traveling Museum

Museum Hill, Courtesy of TOURISM Santa Fe

Wonders on Wheels Traveling Museum

Treasures and textiles from Africa and the Middle East to be sold at the 2022 Folk Art Flea

A sampling of items from around the world being offered at the 2022 Folk Art Flea--from New Mexico to Indonesia

Synnøve Kvamme (center), with sisters Halldis and Gudrun Folkedal, dressed in Hardangerbunader.

Tin mirror with Mesilla-style combed glass

Moccasins (Kiowa)

Hand-enameled blown glass tumbler

Mask Cover

Plague Doctor Carnival Costume

2020 Altar Vision

Detail of 2020 Altar Vision (Santa Corona)

Beaded Plague Doctor Mask, Dolores Gull (Weenusk First Nation, Cree)

Museum of International Folk Art


Rob Martinez

Bernie Torres and the Costilla Ramblers


Cipriano Vigil

Las Flores del Valle

02-MOIFA_World of Treasures Auction_Mexican Pina

02-MOIFA_World of Treasures Auction_New Mexican Chest

02-MOIFA_World of Treasures Auction_Wagner Chest

Emelie Gevalt

Alexander Girard: A Designer's Universe

Joe & Archie West

Lone Piñon

Lone Piñon

Folk Art Flea Banner

Folk Art Flea

Lara Manzanares

Lara Manzanares

Lara Manzanares

Detention Center (arpillera), ca. 1978

Lanzamiento [Eviction] (arpillera), ca. 1976

The Train Station (gabba), 1979

El barco hundiéndose en alta mar [Boat Sinking on the High Seas] (bordado), 1975

Jennifer Jenkins

Lara Manzanares



Rug (runner)

Rug with Military Base

Rug (runner)

Flavio Lovato, New Mexico, ca. 1940-1950

Tranquilino Serrano, Española, NM, 1966

Tranquilino Serrano, Española, NM, 1966

Altar Angelito

Ofrenda Ihuatzio

Altar Soledad

Fray Angélico Chávez and unidentified friend dressed for the Santa Fe Fiesta, Circa 1940

Antonia Apodaca on the Bandstand at Traditional Spanish Market

Los Comanches de la Serna

Lorenzo Martínez, violin, Roberto Martínez, guitar, and Larry Martínez, guitarrón. Performing live at Globalquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2015

Tiburcio Ulibarri on violin and is brother Dionisio Ulibarri on guitar, New Mexico, early 20th c.

Old Sun, Alexander Girard

El viaje de los objectos (2016)

El Demonio

Arts Alive Willow Basket-Making

Arts Alive Willow Basket-Making

FATG Hands-on Studio

FATG Interactive Gallery Interactives

2-MOIFA-Gallery of Conscience : Carol Fernandez and Fernando Castro of Amapolay painting at artist collective Alas de Agua’s mural site in Santa Fe, June 27th, 2018 Photographer: Chloe Accardi

Guest Curator, Cirpiano Vigil

Rug with Map of Afghanistan

Portrait Rug (Amanullah Khan)

Portrait Rug (Ahmad Shah Massoud)

Portrait Rug (Amanullah Khan)

Joel Nakamura Yokai Painting


Lone Piñon in Chimayo

Lara Manzanares

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