From the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Loren Aragon, CEO & Designer of ACONAV, Acoma Pueblo

Photography by Addison Doty 

Loren Aragon’s contemporary runway designs are intended to celebrate the resiliency and strength of Native women by “evoking empowerment.” To do this, he frequently looks to historic pottery and museum collections for inspiration, reimaging and innovating the work of his ancestors. “When working with a lot of the designs, I am inspired by elements that resonate beauty and our ideas of the natural world.” This dress is currently being made and is based on the adjacent jar from the MIAC collections. Aragon explains his inspiration for this project: “the vessel itself is a utilitarian piece that carried life, and is representative of a female body form. The woman herself carrying water, carrying life in her womb. That is an empowering idea that I want to share with the world.”

Credit: Addison Doty

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