Necklace, c. 1930-1940

From the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Santo Domingo Pueblo, Gift of Grace Bowman

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology, 49213/12

Photography by Addison Doty

Commonly known as a “Depression Era” necklace, this mosaic “thunderbird” pendant was made using both natural and artificial materials. During this time period, some materials may have been difficult to come by, so artists worked with repurposed items such as batteries, plastic, and phonograph records to continue their traditions. Portions of this necklace were made with commercial shell disc beads, while the turquoise is likely from the Cerrillos mines. The use of the term “Depression Era” largely neglects the ingenuity of the artists and the beauty of their work.

Credit: Addison Doty

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