Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

2023 Native Treasures Art Market



Dr. Beth Stone

Youth Hoop Dance Championship

Native Treasures Art Market

Jacob Shije Trio at Marble

Anthony Lovato


Tsé Bii' Ndzisgaii

Grounded in Clay

Grounded in Clay - Tewa polychrome soup bowl

Native Youth Hoop Dance Championship

Grounded in Clay - Tewa polychrome soup bowl, ca. 1650

Grounded in Clay - Ako polychrome jar

Grounded in Clay - Figurine

Grounded in Clay - Water Jar

Grounded in Clay

Grounded in Clay - Nativity set c. 1982

New Deputy Director at Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

Here, Now & Always

Here, Now & Always

Necklace, c. 1930-1940

Here, Now & Always

Clearly Indigenous Exhibition

Here, Now & Always

Venutian Soldiers.Quest

Master and Tics

Esther Etcitty

Joy Harjo, US Poet Laureate 1

Joy Harjo, US Poet Laureate 2

HNA Construction 1

HNA Construction 2

Abraham Peina with Goodman Fellowship Certificate

Rapheal Begay wearing Navajo Nation Facemask

17th annual Native Treasures Art Market

Honor Dance

Sergeants Sam Stitt (Choctaw) and Chuck Boers (Lipan Apache)

World War II

Curley (Apsáalooke [Crow], 1856–1923)

2020-2021 Native Treasures Living Treasure, Kathleen Wall

Gye wha la’ pah

Karen Abeita

Karen Abeita Pottery

Norma Naranjo

Arigon Starr Comic Art

Dr. Debbie Reese

Arigon Starr

Laurel Goodluck

Daniel W. Vandever

Melissa Henry

Robert Whitehair Begay

Robert Whitehair Begay Jewelry

Robert Whitehair Begay Jewelry 2

Code Talkers Corporal Henry Bahe, Jr. and Private First Class George H. Kirk.

William Terrill Bradby

Vietnam Era Veterans Inter-Tribal Association Color Guard

San Carlos Apache Scouts

Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble

Professor Sherri Thomas

Detail of Additional Article to the Treaty of July 2, 1791

Detail of 1890s map of California

MIAC Collector's Sale Logo

G Precious

Jacob Shije

Jacob Shije

Royale Dá

Tara Gatewood

Diane Reyna 

Beulah Sunrise

Patina covered 1952 Chevy 3100 pickup truck

1969 Chevy C10 pickup

Chevrolet pick-up truck at the 2

Dr. Joseph “Woody” Aguilar

Necklace, c. 1930-1940

Figurine, ca. 2000

Jar, ca. 1910 (rear)

Canteen, ca. 1910

Jar, ca. 1910 (front)


Water Girls

Basketry Sandal

Necklace ca. 1920



Grouping of Canes

Lincoln Cane

George Rivera Pojoaque

01-MIAC-Ornament Workshop

01-MIAC-Ornament Workshop1

01-MIAC-Ornament Workshop2

01-MIAC-Ornament Workshop3

1-MIAC-2020-Living Treasure-Ceramic container with lid polychrome

1-MIAC-2020 Living Treasure- A koshare figure ceramin polychrome

1-MIAC-2020-Living Treasure- Ceramic container with lid, polychrome

1-MIAC-2019-Living Treasure- Kathleen Wall

2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale





2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale

2019 Collectors' Sale


Terrace Jar

Tall Jar

Mountain Lion Pair

Jar by Russell Sanchez

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Neg. No. 088465

Tobacco flask, ca. 1935-1940

General Ulysses S. Grant


Ghost Shirt

Watcher Totem


Virgil Ortiz

Virgil Ortiz 2

Modern Hopi Flower Pot

Pollyanna Nordstrand

Anthony Lovato

Silver Bracelet with Stamping

Squash Blossom Necklace

Aunt Fran's Star Basket

Blue Corn Maiden

Blue Corn Maiden

Girl in the Anthropocene

Center for New Mexico Archaeology

Tony Jojola (Isleta Pueblo) and Ira Lujan (Taos Pueblo)


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