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WOW! On the Road again with Wonders on Wheels

Wonders on Wheels

February 20, 2024


WOW! On the Road again with Wonders on Wheels 

Wonders on Wheels Mobile Museum launches an exciting new exhibit at the annual Cowboy Days event held by New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces on March 1st and 2nd.  The "Growing New Mexico," exhibit explores the distinctive agriculture and foodways of our state.  Curated by the Farm & Ranch Museum, this interactive, all-ages exhibit highlights the importance of corn, beans, and chiles to our New Mexico economy and culture.     

Learn about companion crops such as the three sisters, waffle gardening, selective breeding, and irrigation methods such as acequias.  The exhibit also covers the science of agriculture, including the use of GPS, soil sensors, drones, and solar panels on contemporary New Mexico farms.  Visitors learn about the distinctive cultures of food by considering the ingredients and tools of New Mexico kitchens, popular dishes (with recipes), and the importance of specific foods to rituals and celebrations.   

Outside the WOW RV, activity tables provide samples of corn, beans, and chiles along with microscopes for studying these plants and seeds up close.  Examining soil and seeds, visitors learn about soil science and seed germination. 

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