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New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra to perform at National Hispanic Cultural Center

January 15, 2020


(Albuquerque, New Mexico) -- Alerting all jazz-lovers and music fans in general,  the New Mexico Jazz Latino Orchestra will present a two-part show at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC). Their fourth performance at the NHCC will feature Latin Jazz, cha-cha, salsa, and rumba and showcase the versatility of the group’s musicians.

The concert is Friday, January 24 at 8 p.m. in the Albuquerque Journal Theatre on the NHCC campus.

The 13-piece ensemble seeks to highlight the great musical talents of New Mexico residents, while bringing in international guest artists to introduce audiences to traditional instrumentation and rhythms from Latin America and demonstrate how jazz fusion can provide a harmonious and exciting blend of ancestral and contemporary tones. This year’s concert salutes the Quiñones family, “¡La familia de la salsa!”— Marc Quiñones, percussionist for international salsa band sensation Ocho y Más, and Tony and Camilo Quiñones—and features César Bauvallet, Jackie Zamora, Paul Gonzales, Doug Lawrence and Steve Figueroa, Adolfo Acosta, Lester Rodriguez, Andy Zadrozny, Maud Beenhouwer, and Alex Murzyn.

$25 & $27 with a $3 discount for NHCC members

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About the National Hispanic Cultural Center:

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts and humanities. The Center presents over 700 events and creates the opportunity for thousands more through its art museum, library, genealogy center and education resources.  The Center is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and is further supported by the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is located at 1701 Fourth Street SW in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For information about upcoming events and exhibitions visit the NHCC website at

Tickets can be purchased in advance from the National Hispanic Center box office, 505-724-4771,or the NHCC website,


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