Heritage Preservation Awards to highlight the best in historic preservation on May 19

May 08, 2023

Stephen Hamway

Santa Fe, NM – For the first time since 2019, the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division (NMHPD) is thrilled to announce that the 51st annual Heritage Preservation Awards will be held in-person on May 19, giving New Mexicans a chance to experience the best in Historic Preservation at the St. Francis Auditorium! 

This year’s presentation of the 2023 Heritage Preservation Awards will take place at 2:00 p.m. on May 19, 2023, at the St. Francis Auditorium at New Mexico Museum of Art, 107 W. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe. A reception will follow the awards ceremony. Not only will the award ceremony recognize five winning organizations for 2023, but it will also honor previous winners in-person, with those from 2021 and 2022 invited to attend. The ceremony is open to the public. 

“This is a unique opportunity to not only highlight exceptional organizations and historic preservation projects from the last 12 months, but to also ensure that awardees from previous years get recognized,” said State Historic Preservation Officer Jeff Pappas. “We’re very excited to return to an in-person ceremony, and I think our programming reflects that.” 

The ceremony, presented by the Cultural Properties Review Committee to celebrate the best in historic preservation during Heritage Preservation Month, will include a performance by Maxine Thévenot on the historic pipe organ in St. Francis Auditorium, itself a historic preservation success. More information about the pipe organ’s restoration is available here. 

A full list of the award winners is available below. Please visit https://nmhistoricpreservation.org/ for information about previous winners. 

  1. Malcolm Ebright: This year’s Lifetime Achievement award will be presented to Malcolm Ebright for his lifelong dedication to the history of New Mexico and expertise in land grant studies.  

  2. Chad Rennaker, Rupal Engineer, and Ryan Whitt: This year’s Individual Achievement Award will be presented to Chad Rennaker, Rupal Engineer, and Ryan Whitt for the rehabilitation of the El Vado Motel, Albuquerque.  

  3. Nuevo Mexico Profundo: Dr. Frank Graziano, Susan Horn, Sana Morrow, and Pete Warzel: One of three Heritage Organization Awards will be presented to Nuevo Mexico Profundo – Dr. Frank Graziano, Susan Horn, Sana Morrow, and Pete Warzel - for contributions in identifying, preserving, and providing public access to New Mexico’s historic churches.  

  4. Nob Hill Neighborhood Associations, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico:  This Heritage Organization Award will be presented for efforts to preserve the Nob Hill Neighborhood’s historic character.

  5. The Peñasco Valley Historical Preservation Society: The final Heritage Organization Award will be presented to the Peñasco Valley Historical Preservation Society for its efforts to preserve Peñasco High School. 

About the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division: NMHPD manages, oversees, and coordinates historic preservation activities across the state. The division educates the public about historic preservation and protects thousands of historic and archaeological sites in New Mexico. If you have ever visited an archaeological site, stopped on the side of the road to read a historic marker, or appreciated a well-maintained historic building in your community, you have likely engaged with the work of the NMHPD. 

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