New World Cuisine

The Histories of Chocolate, Mate Y Más

Dec 9, 2012 through Jan 5, 2014

An exploration of the dawn of world cuisine as we know—and consume—it today. New World Cuisine explored how foods around the world developed from mixing the old and the new, and how many of the tastiest dishes and desserts came to be associated with New Mexico. The exhibition was complemented with interactive gallery activities including a scent station, magnetic world map, and a special selection of chocolate and cuisine in the Museum Gift Shop.

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Copper Chocolate Pot and Molinillo

Pouring Chocolate

Chocolate Making (Implements and Ingredients)

Contemporary Blue Mate Serving Set

Copper Cooking Pot

Green Glazed Chocolatero (chocolate storage jar)

Green Glazed Chocolatero (chocolate storage jar)

Mate Cup with Bombilla

Mate Cups with Bombillas

Mate Cups with Bombillas (detail)

Micaceous Chocolatero (chocolate storage jar)


New World Cuisine

Pava Hornillo, Mate Cup, and Bombilla

Wine Jug

Spanish Kitchen

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