Fire Season

May 1, 2015 through Jul 26, 2015

The Southwest has become increasingly aware of  a season that begins around June with the unleashing of nature’s harsh and renewing forces: fire season. New Mexicans in particular are well acquainted with the apocalyptic plumes of smoke and sprinklings of ash that accompany this wildfire season. In this exhibition of more than a dozen photographs, artists respond to the fearsome and alluring element of fire, exploring its destructive, hypnotic, symbolic, and regenerative aspects. This group show of 15 photographs includes work by Jane Fulton Alt, Patricia Galagan, Philip Metcalf, and Larry Schwarm.

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Toppled Aspens with Progeny

Fire Ghosts

Tres Lagunas Fire

White Sentinels

Prairie Fire Near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

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