Wild at Heart: Ernest Thompson Seton

How One Wolf’s Death Led to a Century of Wildlife Conservation

May 23, 2010 through May 8, 2011

Wild at Heart: Ernest Thompson Seton dedicates itself to telling the often overlooked story of the conservationist, author, artist, lecturer and co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America. Ernest Thompson Seton’s impact on America’s conservation movement was immeasurable but, today is largely forgotten. Wild at Heart: Ernest Thompson Seton sets out to change that.

A yearlong set of workshops and lectures supports the exhibit.

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White-Winged Crossbills

Untitled forest scene

The Pursuit

The Rooky Woods

Taxidermy, Great Blue Heron

The Sleeping Wolf

Seton Castle

Away Went the Mustang

Lobo and Blanca

Last of the Race


Illustration featuring Seton characters

Ernest Thompson Seton, 1890

Ernest Thompson Seton, 1901



Badlands Billy

Christmas at Seton Village

Wolves likely lived in this area...

Handcrafted Furniture

Entrance to "Wild at Heart"

The Aspen Grove

Seton with Three Indians

Salmon matching

Rose branch

Ernest Thompson Seton

David L. Witt

Boys camp at Wyndygoul

Black Wolf of the Currumpaw

Wild Animals I Have Known

Carpodacus pinicola

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