New Mexico Native, Descendent of a Taos Artist & Art Professor Donates Family’s Art Collection to New Mexico Museum of Art

3-MOA-Welsher Donation Caroline Pickard Culbert, John Pickard, 1930s, oil, 22 x 16 inches.

3-MOA-Welsher Donation Ila Macfee Turner, Shorty Horse, 1920s, oil, 10 x 12 inches.

3-MOA-Welsher Donation Oscar Berninghaus, Aspens and Indians on Horseback, 1920s, oil, 22 x 26 inches

3-MOA-Welsher Donation Gene Kloss, Taos Indian Jesters, 1950s, etching, 24 x 22 inches. Gift of Leonora Culbert Welsher in memory of her grandfather, John Pickard, and her mother, Caroline Pickard Culbert, 2018. Photo by Blair Clark

3-MOA-Welsher Donation W. Herbert Dunton, On the Great Plains, n.d., etching, 19 x 22 inches

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