FLAMENCO: From Spain to New Mexico

In the Hispanic Heritage Wing

Nov 22, 2015 through Sep 10, 2017

Passionate, fiery, sensual, intense In-depth examination of the history and culture of flamenco dance and music.

The Museum of International Folk Art presents Flamenco: From Spain to New Mexico, the most comprehensive exhibition to celebrate and study this living tradition as an art form. The exhibition opened November 22, 2015 and runs through September 10, 2017.  More than 150 objects are featured. Among them, items once used by renowned artists Encarnación López y Júlvez “La Argentinita”, José Greco, and Vicente Romero and María Benítez (both from New Mexico). In addition to other stunning loans from private collectors will be those from the museum’s expansive permanent collection.

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Costume sketch

Program for Carmen Amaya performance

Child’s Feria Dress

Feria Goers

Roberto Quijandría dressing Dorado de Domeq in the traditional horse gear for carriage. Horse gear by Vicente Rodríguez Robles, Sevilla, Spain

Contemporary Feria Dress with Mantoncito (Small Shawl),

Accoutrements for feria ensemble

Alexina García Chávez rides side saddle on top of Poesía in the manner of the feria de abril (April Fair).

Peine (hair comb)

Mantón de Manila (Manila Shawl) and Peine (Hair comb)

Fiesta Dress made from silk shawl

Dancer Betty Serna Cárdenas performing for the USO

Program for El Nido’s “Patio Flamenco”,

Feria Dress

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